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Brick and Blocks

Brick and Blocks

To call a place a house, certainly, might have gotten four walls that make up the building. It will be illogical to be housed in a building that hasn’t got walls. In the past, the four walls of some indigenous buildings were built by clay and stones only.

For a modern day house, hardly, do you see such type of walls built by clay and stones all though few of them still exist. The modern house has the walls constructed with bricks or blocks. Which type of these two, would you want your house walls to be made of? Bricks or blocks, and why?

Concrete blocks are weather resistant. It can stand the rain storms. In places where the heavy winds called hurricane is rampant, it is understood that concrete blocks are able to stand the test of it. Using the concrete blocks assures you of thickened walls for your home, and it is an interest to security. Concrete blocks can battle with fire, and can stand the test of it. If you use concrete blocks, you don’t share any path with termites.


It is not penetrable by termites. Blocks have a longer life span than bricks. It is estimated that concrete blocks can last for 100 years but bricks cannot stay that long. Concrete blocks are suitable for wall designing. You can plaster and add other designs like tiling it, or making it the terrazzo type .Bricks on the other hand cannot be modified like blocks. Bricks have a default design from molding stage. You cannot tile it or make it terrazzo .A disadvantage of blocks is that, it is expensive.

Calculating the number of blocks that will go into your project is easier to do, as compared to bricks. According to experts-this so because, at the molding stage of bricks, its size may differ from drying stage –as a result of shrinkage in the process of manufacturing.

Bricks are easy to work with. It is less expensive, and also strong. It can also stand the weather condition but the concrete blocks are more durable than it. Whereas using a block require lots of mortar for bonding, bricks will need very little mortar for hardening and tightening up.

Labour in masonry is very expensive. If you are working with bricks you will require very little helping hand, there is no need to employ more hands when working with bricks. Unlike blocks that are heavy, and you would need somebody to lift them for you, bricks are easy to lift because of it light weight.

Bricks are easy to work with at home. You can follow simple Do It Yourself (DIY) steps to construct a simple staircase which would not be that easy with concrete blocks. In terms of decorating a brick wall, it is farer lesser cost effective than blocks, as it comes with its design from time of molding.
From this, I am sure the questions I asked you initially can be answered. Do you still want blocks or bricks for your house? You have a choice to make

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