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Garden and Leisure


Biblically, the first home of mankind was a garden. A fact, once you believe in the in the story of Adam and Eve. If you don’t, I am sure you’ve heard it before, the Garden of Eden.

These days, we no longer live in gardens as our homes, but by the  environmental relevance, scientifically, and biblically, you will agree with me that any form of gardening you engage in, you create a second home for yourself, as it is refreshing and self appeasing for watching yourself build an admiring garden. Gardening will give you full pleasure of nature.

It is for this reason that I introduce to you HOME GARDENING AND LEISURE. We have public gardens and home gardens. Aburi Botanical Gardens will qualify for the former. A public garden will need a very vast land. If you have a space left after your built  house, make it an admirable region of your house by engaging in  planting some ornamental trees, flowers of different kinds, herbs, fruits, vegetables, on that  fertile land left, for that is what home gardening is all about. In a very hard to penetrate economy, I will not let my encouragement for you to engage in home gardening waste all your time; so, I will tell you a perfect time for you to engage in it. You can do it at your leisure time. If you happen to have any additional time apart from your free periods, use it to enhance the state of your home garden.

As your appetite wets for gardening, I am aware your focus now is on how to get it started. Relax, as I take you through it. But did you also know that you would not always need a plot of land, small or big for your home gardening? Yes, you don’t .You can always start in a pot or even a plastic container, if you don’t have a any available land around your house. However, if you are going to use the plastic container, create holes at the bottom to drain some of the water you will use to water your plants, for plants hates being flooded with water.

The same way you will make sure the piece of land to be used for your garden has the required soil for cultivation of plants, and where it isn’t, you prepare the land by filling it with the desired soil, you should also fill the pot, sizeable ones of course, with rich soil and put them at places where it would have some amount of sunlight to ease germination of your plants. You don’t have to place your pots or containers at a total enclosed area where it wouldn’t have some natural air and sunlight. Your Agricultural office or nursery office can help you with any form of assistance on the type of soil you should use for your home gardening. Normally, the appropriate soil for most plants is the clayed loamy soil.

Having prepared the land, or had your pot, filled with the required soil, you then think of what you want to plant. Again, your Agricultural service department in your province can assist you. It must be noted that, there are professional home gardening builders who can be contracted to execute any style of gardening you would want to have in your home.

On what to plant, it is a matter of choice. If you are planting in pots, get to know that certain crops will not do well in them. For instance, potato in a pot will not do well. Pepper and herbs can survive in the pot. What do you want to grow in your garden? Seek knowledge in it as you plan.
Gardening as interesting as it is must be approached with some disciplinary attitudes. Whether you have planted in a pot or it is on a land, you have to do some light picking up of weeds that try to parasite the plants, and some major weeding on the plot your garden is found.

Most people think gardening is for the rich, better still, the billionaires only, do you also think like that? Well, then the billionaires will have the importance of gardening as I bring them to you.
Apart from the fun aspect of engaging in home garden, those who engage in home gardening can help you save some money. If you choose to do say, vegetable and fruit garden in your home, when it gets matured, I am not sure you would want to buy such things again when you have them abundant-if not for commercial purposes, it will just be satisfactory to the immediate family.

If you chose to plant ornamental plants alone, the trees serves as shade and a wind break for you. Is it only the rich man who deserves his roofing to be protected in terms of heavy rain storms? Sometimes you need not spend on building materials just to build car packs for your visitors, a mere plantation of ornamental plants can by itself give you nice demarcations to serve the purpose, with the shapes and arrangements the plants take.

Just compare a dusty area assuming you live, and another you perceive rich, and does home gardening, he or she has planted lots of trees all around the house. Which one of you will breathe fresh air?  Whatever answer you give, you will agree with me that, as much as you the rich man deserve to breathe fresh air, you are not an exception. Are you? No you aren’t.

I have answered the question for you just to set on a track of advice that, never think home gardening is expensive. You can start on a very small .It is always advisable you begin small and improve as time elapses. Home gardening is a form of helping to green our environment, I believe! If the rich have had money to do it big, it is not how large your garden is, that makes it a garden. You can start by planting a flower, a tree or any legal herb, less I forget, and you also there.  If you would want to reserve all these benefits that home gardening comes with to the rich alone, I just want to remind you that, you are also somebody. Go gardening now

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