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Make your house a home - By Akua - PE OLINE EDITOR

Beauty some say is what is inside a person. Appearance some have argued is very deceptive, therefore they would like to judge a person from what is inside of them. If we are to relate this to our homes, it can only mean people will judge a beautiful home by what’s inside of it. The interior décor! And I know this is the woman’s department in the house. Decorating the home. Sorry guys, I know after building your dream house, you almost have no interest in the stressful journey of decorating.

Sometime ago I was looking through a magazine that had interviewed a celebrity. Since she is very popular, influential and wealthy they had pictures of her house and what is inside of it. After painfully looking at all the pictures I said to myself, “ This lady is a very confused person.” No this is not me being rude. Your home should speak to people about you right, that is what hers said to me! Every room looked cluttered. No space to feed your eye. A lot of different colours in one room, which did not work together. No theme at all! In short, I kept looking for the number to the interior décor police.

So I sat down thinking about how my own home will be like once I own one that is. Your parent’s house reflects them so don’t have much of a say you know.  Anyway, the first thing that came to mind was, the opposite of what this celebrity presented as a home. I want someone to enter my house and actually leave with inspirations for decorating their own.
Your interior should reflect your personality.  This should not be hard at all. You know yourself and what appeals to you. That is the first place to get clues on decorating.  I should be able to walk out of your house with some knowledge of what kind of a person you are, just by observing your décor. Leave your personal stamp in the room

Set the mood right. The mood or feeling of a room is created by your choice of colors, the style of furnishings, the amount of texture and pattern you choose and your accessories.
Create a theme. The fun thing about theme is that one theme does not have to run through the entire house especially if you have a family. Every room can have a theme of its own. If I enter one room in your house, and see a princess like décor with all pink colours, I can only conclude, it’s a girl’s room.  That should not be the same theme for your son’s room.
The focal point. Where do your eyes immediately travel to when you enter someone’s house for the first time? Yes that is the focal point.  Create a dynamic one. It could be a painting, a family picture or anything. It is your space, own it. Give people the wow effect immediately they enter your room. Call it the first impression. Looking back at what I saw in all the rooms of this celebrity, I couldn’t get a focal point.

The furniture should work for you sweetheart. It should satisfy the function you plan for your room. The furniture in the living area should be different from that in your bedroom. Also your space should determine the size of your furniture. If you buy a huge set of furniture for a small room, how will you walk around?  It should be appropriate.  In arranging the furniture in a room, make sure the main furniture is directed towards the focal point. Once someone sits, they see it!

The lighting should be selected for the function of the room as well. Some rooms need bright lights while others could manage a somewhat dim light.
There are so many ways to own your home. Make it you! Let it be a place that you want to get away from the world to. The colors you choose for your rooms can even put a smile on your face on days you are down.

Decorating is more than just eye appeal. It should work for you and make you feel good.


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