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Do you have enough space to keep your cooking utensils? A place to cook where you live?

I am asking you about your kitchen. Normally, where you live determines your allocated space for a kitchen. Do you have one?

Or to you, everywhere does for cooking and keeping of your utensils?

The traditional African home has a place where occupants of the house cook and keep their utensils. These days economic hardships has caused more than 60 percent of the people in most African countries to make use of every available land. They build on it for rent, even when it could have been used for a kitchen.

Visit some homes and you will see that, after cooking and washing utensils, they carrying utensils in their hands going straight into the bedroom because they don’t have anywhere to keep them. Those who wouldn’t do this, perhaps, have a porch where they can line the utensils up. The security of it-they don’t actually care.

All they care about is they have woken up to see their utensils.

Do the landlords of such houses even know in modern house there should be a kitchen? And that, just as we cater for a toilet facility in a house, a kitchen should also be provided? I am sure somebody is answering that, well, that is, if only the toilet facility they have one, let alone a kitchen.
This article is to let you know that –a modern home must have a kitchen and also let you know how the ideal home kitchen should be like.

A modern kitchen should be spacious enough. Gone are the days where one person is allowed entry into       the kitchen, because more than one will be a crowd. The compressed type of structure for kitchen is a threat to fire lit up in the kitchen. The cook inside it will feel uncomfortable because there is no proper ventilation in the kitchen if it is not spacious. It must be able to accommodate all modernized appliances, the fridge and the likes. A kitchen where the oven is kept elsewhere outside the kitchen because the fridge has occupied space is not spacious enough. Everything you think belongs to the kitchen must have a space at the kitchen.

A modern kitchen should also have a proper drainage system. The zinc must be well laid out to transport the dirty waters accumulated in the kitchen, and deposited at a very convenient place which would not have adverse effect like scents reeking and in the environs of your home. And of course, water supply at the kitchen should be a constant one.

The kitchen should also be filled with energy effective appliances. The cabinets of the kitchen should properly be arranged in a manner that gives a pattern of composition and attractive as well.
The lighting system of a modern kitchen ought not to be taken for granted at all. Proper lights should be installed at the kitchen to enhance security. If the light doesn’t enhance visibility properly, the occupant at the kitchen can harm him or herself. The kitchen knife can hurt him or her as he tries to cut something. Working at the kitchen becomes difficult, where there is no proper lighting system implace.

Are you the type interested in decorations? Get to know that you can add some personal decorations, apart from paintings at the kitchen you should make sure it is attractive and well painted,  a picture of a love one at the kitchen hanged somewhere at corner of the kitchen can be done and would not take anything away from your kitchen decoration.

In all, whatever decorations that you do, it must be emphasized that an emergency exit should be created to cater for escape in case of fire. The provision of a fire extinguisher is also a necessary kit to be kept in your ideal modern Kitchen.

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