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The indigenous African believes that when it comes to the purchase and furnishing of the home with anything furniture-like, it is the sole obligation of men. Never heard it before?

For this reason, most African women worry less of themselves when it comes to furniture in all forms. Name it, from the bed, centre tables, the kitchen cabinet to doors and window frames. Anything major, in the family of timber and structural systems, the African woman do not make it a headache to acquire by herself, ones she will get married.

As it is not their headache to acquire them, I expected that they know nothing or very little about it. It will surprise and interest you to know that the African woman, irrespective of her headache less to buy timber related products at home, THE ARE THE CONSULTANTS OF THOSE THINGS THAT WILL FORM THE TIMBER AND STRUCTURAL SYSTEMS IN THE HOME. Wondering how?

They have already dreamt and living how they would want their homes to be, and so, as the men plan of any purchase, it is done in consultation of the wife. I am   sure that if you decide to buy something for yourself, you should also be in the position to tell what you prefer. Isn’t it?


The woman now tells which wood or material colour the stuffing chair in the room should be like, possibly to match with an interior decorations she’s made, a flower pot and kinds of colour she intends to plant in them. In fact, we the men consult them on as to how foamy we would want the stuffing chairs to be like. I thought they (women) had no headache in that? Believe it or not, the African woman is a perfect consultant in the wood and structural systems that enter her home.

Although they careless about its acquisition by themselves, talk of any wood product in the house, they give perfect designs of that. She can give you a perfect picture of how the dining table should be designed. Whether a square shape, round or any type, the African woman can tell best. Talk of where it should occupy in the home, they are the best positioners. You cannot take this away from them.

If you want to purchase the kitchen cabinet, my goodness, who else is the best consultant than the woman of the home? Talk of colour, position and the composition of it in the kitchen, you just pay the producer, and leave the rest to the women, all they may lack is the strength to fix them physically, not their ideas on how it should be.

Timber and structural systems in the home are those products in the house made of wood. It starts right from the supporting underlying structure of the roof to the ceiling, some door frames and doors, windows, the stuffing chairs, centre tables, book shelves, the bed, and any other thing made of wood. You would need a professional to do all these things mentioned. But my position is, as to how it should be desired, like the common inscription on most medicines reads ``if symptoms persist after three days ,consult your doctor``-the same way I would tell you that, if you have tried the structuring of your timber made products in the home and still fails, please, consultant a woman.


You can take it to be a humour, but it is nothing but the truth I have told you, free consultation I have given you. Women have the eye for quality things and at the same time the arrangements of those things that make up a home undoubtedly.

In as much as you consult the women for home design and structures to their suit in the house, never compromise for quality wood to be used for your wood works. Make sure your wood structures in your home are made of a quality wood that wouldn’t rot, and dirty your home with wood dusts as insects feed on the wood. This is a very embarrassing situation that, should you have visitors and it is unnoticed, but your visitor draws your attention to it, you’ll never be able to forgive yourself.

I just want to repeat my point by saying that, if you lack how your wood or timber made  home structures ought to be designed, apart from the professionals, trust me, like it is written on most drugs ``if symptoms persist after three days,  consult your doctor``; I can unequivocally ,and confident

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